Where to enjoy Spring in Catalonia

Catalunya is beautiful in all seasons. There is always something to do and never a dearth for activities. You can go skiing in Winter, Hiking along stunning coastlines in Summer, Watch the forests and hills turn into gold and red colours in Autumn and treat your eyes to colorful blooms and wild flowers in Spring. In my opinion, Spring is definitely one of the best time to visit Catalonia. The weather is perfect in the months of May and June. The temperature is not too cold and the countryside comes alive particularly in the Spring season with its wild blooms.

In this article, I want to talk about The Places to enjoy Spring in Catalonia or Where to enjoy Spring in Catalonia

Girona Flower Festival

Girona Flower Festival

Girona Flower Festival ,otherwise known as Temps de Flors Girona is the best place to enjoy Spring in Catalonia. It is a very popular floral exhibition held annualy in the province of Girona.The festival features a variety of flower arrangements that decorate the city, especially the old town. Wonderful arrangements and bouquets are made by local people and displayed both in public buildings and near their own homes. The festival takes place every May and is there only for a week or two. So make sure to keep checking the dates and plan your trip accordingly. You can pick up a free map of the floral displays with 2 suggested itineraries. Maps are available at the tourist office and from volunteers along the route. A useful tip would be to avoid visiting on a weekend if possible to stay away from the crowds. The Girona Flower Festival is free to view and wander around.

Red Poppy Fields

time of flowers in catalonia

Poppies are common all over Spain and they usually make their apperance in the months of April and May. If you are looking for the red sea of poppy fields in Catalonia, then head to the Costa Brava Region. The entire region is filled with these wild flowers. The red blanket stretching through acres of land is a real treat to the eyes. We suggest you go by car whenever you go looking for flower fields. These fields were found on the way from Llfranc to Besalu. The fields are free to enter. Enjoy the beauty of the flowers and click pictures but please refrain from plucking the flowers and damaging the fields.

Sunflower Fields

sunflower fields in Catalonia

Are you a fan of giant shining yellow flowers ? Then you must check out the sunflower fields which makes its appearance during spring and summer . These stunning fields can be found in the regions of Valldevià, Torrella de Fluvià, Jafre, Pals (Costa Brava Region). We visited the sunflower fields in Pals and it was an amazing experience. We were driving from Pals to Barcelona and just happened to find the yellow beauties on our way. What a beautiful surprise it was. The fields are free to enter . While no one is there to watch you, make sure to be a responisble traveler and refrain from damaging the fields.

Peach Tree /Pink Blossom Route

Where to enjoy Spring in Catalonia

Cherry Blossoms are a harbinger of the Spring season. Imagine streets and cities being curtained by pink and white flowers or getting to stand under a canopy of powder pink cherry blossom trees that burst into bloom. its a lavish spectacle and must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. I have written a detailed blog post on my experience at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Spain which you must checkout if you wish for a Sakura like experience in Catalonia.

We hope you enjoyed this post on Where to enjoy Spring in Catalonia /When is the time of flowers in Catalonia. If you happen to visit any of the above mentioned places, then do post your picture and tag us on Instagram. We would love to see.

Also, if you are a fan of Spring flowers like us, then make sure you explore Keukenhof atleast once in your lifetime!

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