Where to eat cheap and best calçots in Barcelona

Calçots is one of the most popular dishes in Catalan gastronomy and is a must try when in Catalonia .As winter approaches ,the Calçots season begins, from November to March. For those of you wondering what Calcots are, they are a type of green onion that is char grilled in an open barbeque style and served typically with romesco– tomato based sauce made with tons of garlic, nuts and peppers .The calçots are usually followed by a second dish composed mainly of meat and sausages that are prepared in the same grill used to prepare the calçots. We had them for the first time in 2018 and then we have been regulars at the yearly Calçotada experience.

Where to eat cheap and best calçots in Barcelona

If you are looking for a more authentic experience, then you must go to a masia or a country farmhouse to bring in Calçotada .But nowadays for convenience, people also visit restaurants in Barcelona that serve a menu for calçots. The menus are pretty pricey and would range anywhere between €28 to €34. If you are not willing to shell out that much money but still want to enjoy calçots at a cheap price then this post would help you find where to get best and cheap calçots in Barcelona.

Where to eat cheap and best calçots in Barcelona

We recommend Three Chimneys Park, also known as Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies. The event is called Calçotada Urbana al Mercat de la Terra  and is hosted by Slow Food Barcelona. Make sure to like their Facebook page in order to stay updated on their events. It is usually on every Saturday in the month of March. Along with calçots, they also bring in fresh market produce such as vegetables, meat, bread, honey, cheese, artisanal chocolates etc. The produce is of good quality and reasonabily priced. What we like the most about the event is that It is a child friendly food festival and is situated right in the heart of Barcelona city.

Calçotada Urbana al Mercat de la Terra

cheap calçots in Barcelona.

cheap calçots in Barcelona.

Calçotada Urbana al Mercat de la Terra -Menu 

Per € 8, you have a menu that includes
 6 ecological calçots from the Galician Consortium
 Cal Fusteret sausage
Pa of the Holy Madrona Oven – a type of bread

For vegetarians, the option of a handmade veggie burger
And for € 10, they include a glass of natural wine from the Celler

cheap calçots in Barcelona.

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How to have a good experience at Calçotada Urbana al Mercat de la Terra ?

✔ Arrive by 11:30 AM so that you can queue up for the tickets
After getting the tickets head straight to the next line for the food
Carry disposable gloves and wet wipes to wash your hands. You may also want to carry an apron with you.

We hope you enjoyed this post on Where to eat cheap and best calçots in Barcelona. If you happen to visit Catalonia in Spring, do try out calçots and let us know in the comments section below on your experience.

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