Volksfest in Germany – What is it all about?

If you are fond of beer, chances are quite high you would have heard of the much raved about Oktoberfest. We got an opportunity to visit a similar festival but which was on a smaller scale. Its called Volksfest, pronounced as “Folks-Fest” ( meaning People’s festival). This annual celebration happens in the month of September at Stuttgart.

If you are in Europe in the month of September – October then do try to visit the Cannstatter Volksfest , You will surely not be disappointed! The fest/ carnival last for approximately 2 weeks and the entry is free.


This popular beer festival is nothing but a tradition where the germans celebrate their  rich agricultural harvest . The symbol of the Volksfest is the traditional fruit column decorated with fruit, cereals and vegetables which rises up above the fairground.The fest is more than 200 years old and is one of Europe’s biggest fairs that is spread over a 17-day period every year in the last week of September and first week of October.  Every year, the event attracts about 4 million visitors . The fest takes place in a huge ground  where there are several beer tents, roller coasters, game counters, lucky draws, snack bars and so on. Its a perfect outing place for the entire family including adults and kids. Since it is a beer festival, there will be several beer tents set up where beer is brewed and served to the visitors. It is advisable to try the beer  that is specially brewed for the particular season. I would advise you walk around the whole place and play a few games before you sit down for the beer sessions as the environment just gets better once the sun goes down. There is live music which makes things even more better.










The most awesomest thing is that entrance is free , well it is a great deal considering the fact that nothing is free in Europe 😛 . There are several beer tents and entrance to these tents are free but  they can get really crowded so its best to make a reservation to keep a spot for yourself and your folks!

Two things i clearly remember from our visit was

  • Heart shaped cookies that everyone worn around their neck which most often read ich liebe dich. It looked really nice and i was so curious to know what it tastes like. I immediately got myself one and wore it around my neck for a bit before digging into it. To my disappointment, it tasted like ginger bread cookie . Honestly not my type! I just posed for the pictures and got away with the cookie
images (1).jpeg

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  • Couples decked up in traditional attires. Having travelled quite a bit, i strongly feel that Germans are super proud of their culture  and they go that extra mile  to preserve their rich culture and heritage. They love to dress up in traditional costumes during their festivals and they are more than happy to flaunt it! It was really nice to see the young and old dressed up  in the german costume. (women in Dirndl” and men in  “Lederhosen,”). I did see the costumes on sale but i thought buying one just for a one day festival would be a utter waste. If i was living in Germany, i would have surely got myself one.

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To be able to visit the Volksfest, you need not necessarily visit Stuttgart. The fest takes place in almost every large town in Germany every year. Germany is amazing during September- October for the beer festivals and in December for its christmas markets! Its too big a country and must not be done in a day or two. I suggest you make several trips if possible, discovering a few places at a time, thereby being able to soak in the culture better:D


Danke Schon peeps for taking time out to read this post! See u soon:)

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