Driving You Around The Bend: Things Not To Do When Hiring A Car

Hello Everyone! We are back with a new post and we are sure this article will be of great help if you are wondering what to check when renting a car. These are some of the common car rental mistakes that all of us make and these tiny mistakes can really ruin that perfectly planned road trip.


If you’re ever in a hole, a rental car may be the answer to your prayers. They’re cheap, accessible, and they hardly ever run out like flights. Travelers around the world use them for a variety of tasks, from seeing the sights to attending business meetings. Whatever your poison, it’s important to understand that it is an excellent option and one you shouldn’t dismiss out of hand.

However, it can turn into a hassle if you make the wrong turns at the wrong time.To make sure you don’t, check out these four things not to do when hiring a rental.

Things Not To Do When Hiring A Car / Common Car Rental Mistakes

Ignore Upgrades

Nothing comes for free in this world, so it’s suspicious when a rental company offers to lend a helping hand. Somewhere deep inside, you feel as if they are trying to pull a fast one and bait the hook for hidden costs. Some cowboy organizations do exist, yet the likes of Bayswater Car Rentals are bona fide professionals. So, when they say that their customers don’t have to pay damage excess, they aren’t lying. For an extra $14, you can avoid accruing thousands in accident and repair fees as long as you are trustworthy.

Instantly Drive Away

It’s easy to see why people grab the keys and start the engine: they want to start their day. Whether you’re late for an appointment or can’t wait to begin your adventure, the excitement can cloud your judgment. Driving away without inspecting the car means you may be liable for damages that weren’t your fault on returning the vehicle. With photographic evidence, there shouldn’t be too much of debate as to the culprit. Still, ensure the company makes a note of the mark and that it was there before you got behind the wheel. It’s always smart to cover your bases in case of a disagreement.

Forget Insurance Coverage

Some people may say insurance isn’t a problem. As long as you have a policy and use a credit card, you should be covered across the board. In truth, a credit card company will only pick up part of the bill and your policy may not be comprehensive enough. It’s only applicable if it has a rental clause within the agreement. Therefore, you should pay for extra coverage to ensure there are zero gaps. Smart Travel has more if you’re interested. That way, if something happens, you don’t have to worry about putting your hand in your pocket and forking out.


Forget Gas Requirements

You need to fill up and head to the gas station. Your autopilot mode kicks in and you fill the car with fuel you would put in your own. Suddenly, you realize you have no idea what it takes and you may have done thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. A simple solution is to ask a member of staff or to consult the driver’s manual. Then, you won’t put unleaded in a diesel engine or vice versa.

Things Not To Do When Hiring A Car

Hopefully, this advice will stop you from constantly worrying the next time you hire a car.

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