The 6 Best Hostels in Tel Aviv (Updated 2023)

Posted: 9/25/23 | September 25th, 2023

Known as Israel’s “nonstop city,” Tel Aviv is a lively, energetic city. Home to bustling markets and wild nightlife, it’s a city that doesn’t slow down. A large portion of the population here is under 35, which gives Tel Aviv a youthful, active feel that really brings it to life. It’s also a foodie hub and an amazing place to eat out.

Since it’s close to the largest airport in the country, most travelers start or end their journeys here. It’s one of the main stops on every trip to Israel.

But all of those restaurants and nights out add up, because Tel Aviv is also an expensive city (relative to the rest of the region). That means you’re going to want to watch your budget while you’re here.

Fortunately, there’s a well-worn backpacker and budget travel scene here, with plenty of hostels to choose from. But they aren’t all created equal.

To help you plan your trip, save money, and have fun, I’ve created a list of the best hostels in Tel Aviv. These are the places I stay at when I visit so you know they’re all safe, social, and affordable.

Here are my favorite hostels in Tel Aviv:

Price legend (per night):

  • $ – Under 100 ILS
  • $$ – 100-150 ILS
  • $$$ – Over 150 ILS

1. Abraham Tel Aviv

People hanging out on the rooftop hostel of Abraham Tel Aviv hostel, with skyscrapers in the background, in Tel Aviv, Israel

This is my favorite hostel in town. It’s a huge place but still feels like a friendly, social hostel. There are multiple bars and common areas where you can chill out, and while it’s not a party hostel, it is lively and energetic and there’s always something happening. I especially loved the massive rooftop terrace and bar. There are hammocks for when you want to relax and plenty of space to work if you’re a digital nomad.

The hostel also has a fully equipped kitchen, as well as a filling free breakfast each morning. It has its own tour company too, in case you need help booking excursions. The beds aren’t super comfy and don’t have curtains, but there are lockers to store your stuff as well as reading lights and outlets.

Abraham Tel Aviv at a glance:

  • $$
  • Free breakfast
  • Huge rooftop terrace for hanging out
  • Three bars on-site

Beds from 125 ILS, private rooms from 446 ILS.

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2. Selina Tel Aviv Beach

Woman lounging in the pool on the rooftop at the Selina hostel in Tel Aviv, Israel

Selina is one of the best hostel chains out there. Its properties are always clean, social, and comfortable, and this one is no exception. The hostel is right near the beach too, and you can rent surfboards if you want to hit the waves. The beds in the dorms have super comfy mattresses and all the beds have outlets, lockers, and individual lights.

I especially loved the rooftop area, which has a lively bar and a huge common area (as well as a couple of small pools) where you can drink and lounge in the sun. There’s a wellness area for doing yoga, a little library for when you want some peace and quiet, and a co-working space, making this the best place in town for digital nomads.

Selina Tel Aviv Beach at a glance:

  • $$
  • Female-only dorm
  • Co-working space and wellness area
  • Lively rooftop bar makes it easy to socialize

Beds from 144 ILS, private rooms from 466 ILS.

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3. Marina Ben-Gurion Hostel

Bright and colorful common area with mural, hammocks, and ping pong table at Marina Ben-Gurion Hostel in Tel Aviv, Israel
This funky hostel has an arty, beachy vibe. There are lots of murals and street art on the walls painted by local artists. The main common area is huge, with hammocks, games, and a bar where you can grab a cheap drink and hang out. The place has a very laid-back, DIY feel to it, and everything is super chill.

The beds are basic and don’t have curtains (or thick mattresses), but what makes up for that is the location. I love that it’s just a few minutes from several beaches (also a big park) and a short five-minute walk to the main nightlife hub.

Marina Ben-Gurion Hostel at a glance:

  • $$
  • Convenient location near beaches and nightlife
  • Huge common area makes meeting people a breeze
  • Surfboards available for rent

Beds from 129 ILS, private rooms from 580 ILS.

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4. Isla

Pod-style beds at Isla hostel in Tel Aviv, Israel
This cozy pod hostel is a quiet place to stay, with more of a hotel feel. The adjustable pod beds are super comfy; I love the thick mattresses and the added privacy. Each pod also has a light and outlet and comes with a towel too. The bathrooms are all new and clean, and the showers had nice water pressure (a big plus for me).

While there is a common area and a café (with a daily happy hour), this is definitely a quieter hostel and not one built around socializing. So, if you want a peaceful place to stay and don’t care about meeting people, this is the place for you.

Isla at a glance:

  • $$$
  • Super cozy pod beds
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Daily happy hour

Beds from 157 ILS, private rooms from 522 ILS.

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5. Jungle Jaffa

Basic metal bunk beds in a plain room at Jungle Jaffa party hostel in Tel Aviv, Israel
This is a fun, social party hostel with lots of free perks, including coffee and tea all day, as well as a daily vegan dinner (breakfast is available too, but for a small fee). There’s a fully equipped kitchen too. It’s also the cheapest hostel in the city. I love that they organize tons of events, like comedy nights and karaoke, so it’s easy to connect with other travelers. There’s an age limit (18-45), so it’s only younger travelers here.

The beds are basic bunks with no curtains and average mattresses, but since the party goes late here, the emphasis isn’t on sleeping. Expect loud, late nights!

Jungle Jaffa at a glance:

  • $
  • Free vegan dinner daily
  • Party atmosphere makes it easy to meet people
  • 18-45 age limit

Beds from 65 ILS, private rooms from 203 ILS.

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6. The Spot

Pod-style beds in a room at The Spot hostel in Tel Aviv, Israel
This large hostel sort of caters to everyone. It is social, but not a party place, so it’s easy to meet people, but you can also do your own thing here. There’s a kitchen if you want to cook and a bar for grabbing a beer if you want to socialize. If you’re a digital nomad, there’s an area for co-working (which I appreciated). I really liked the outdoor patio too, which was a nice place to read and work.

I love the dorm beds; they were super comfy and had privacy curtains, so I could get a decent sleep. There are lockers to store your stuff as well as individual lights and outlets.

The Spot at a glance:

  • $$
  • Bar and restaurant on-site
  • Relaxing outdoor patio
  • Super comfy dorm beds

Beds from 104 ILS, private rooms from 217 ILS.

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Tel Aviv is an energetic city with nonstop nightlife, a beachy waterfront, and an amazing culinary scene. And given the gorgeous weather and a ton of unforgettable day trips on offer, it makes for a fun base as you explore the country.

Just make sure you pick one of the hostels above for your stay. Do that, and you’ll have a fun, social, and safe visit to this dynamic destination!

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