Things to do in Coorg during Monsoon

Planning a trip to Coorg during Monsoon? Then this post titled ” Things to do in Coorg during Monsoon ” is for sure going to come handy . This post will tell you what places to visit in Coorg and why visit Coorg during monsoon.

All about our Trip from Bangalore to Coorg

Distance from Bengaluru to Coorg is roughly 250 Km by road and takes approx 5 hours via NH275. We did a weekend getaway trip in our BMW X5.

Why visit Coorg?

Coorg also called Kodagu ,is a very popular holiday spot nestled in South India known for its coffee and pepper plantations, wildlife sanctuaries ,beautiful waterfalls, stunning flora and fauna and majestic British bungalows. Its an ideal place to relax and enjoy the nature overlooking the plantations.

This destination is well known  for its homestays . If you really wish to have an authentic Kodagu experience, then you ought to book your accommodation at a homestay. Do your research and book your lodging well in advance so that you get them at very affordable prices.The concept of homestay is that you will be staying in the home of a local family, where the hosts will cook for you –  local delicacies using the purest of ingredients to ensure the dishes are healthy, wholesome and traditional .With all the pampering and amazing hospitality, one can surely feel at home during vacation.Its a great way for the traveler to connect with the locals and learn more about the people,  place and their culture.

However during this trip of ours , we chose to stay in our friend’s heritage bungalow and we still had an amazing experience. The plush property is nestled in the serene environment of a huge coffee estate and very well connected to the local town. We had the whole estate to ourselves with a caretaker and cook to offer that extra helping hand whenever we needed something.

Our mornings were spent gazing at the million shades of green and sipping on freshly brewed home grown coffee. Long blissful walks in the property rejuvenated our tired body and minds.


coorg during monsoon

coorg during monsoon

coorg during monsoon

coffee plantations

coorg in monsoon

 Coorg Tourist places / Places to visit in Coorg 

The Golden Temple (Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery)

A beautiful Buddhist Monastery situated in Kushalnagar that attracts great number of tourists every single year. It is considered to one of the ten must see Buddhist Monasteries in India. This temple with grand golden interiors shelters close to 5000 monks.  Its is also regarded as the largest teaching center of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in the world.Do make a visit and enjoy the peace and tranquility the temple has to offer. Also just outside the temple, you will find vendors selling delicious momos, handicrafts and souvenirs ! Make sure to check them out.

Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery

Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery

Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery

Iruppu Waterfalls

In Coorg, there are 2 major waterfalls. One being Abbi falls and the other being Irrupu falls. The drive from Madikere to the falls is approx 70 kilometeres . From the car park area, there is quite a bit of walking to the fall area. As it was raining heavily that day and it was quite slippery to walk, my parents decided to stay at the car park area while my husband and I made a quick trip up there just for a kodak moment. The waterfalls are fabulous especially in the monsoon season and i surely recommend it. Wear a good pair of walking shoes when you hike up this area.
 Iruppu Waterfalls
places to visit in Coorg- Iruppu Waterfalls

Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary

This place is a trekkers paradise and one can go upto the Brahmagiri Peak.The Peak is 1600 meters  above the sea level and about  9kms from Iruppu waterfall. Due to the heavy downpours, we had to ditch the trek and head back to our cars.But we plan to do the trail walk whenever we visit Coorg next. We have heard a lot of good things about this hike. So if you have the time and the weather is good, go for it.
places to visit in Coorg- Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary places to visit in Coorg- Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary

Rafting at Barapole

Had to save the best for the last. The main purpose of recommending visit to Coorg during Monsoon is so that you can have a great rafting experience. We recommend you go with Coorg White WaterRafting, they are really good and extremely professional.You need not know swimming to raft but you should not have the phobia to be in water.We spent over  two hours in water which includes briefing, a drill and the run that will take you in the river for a distance of 2.5km. We did four rapids. More details can be found HERE. Link to their Facebook page is here Coorg Whitewater Rafting
places to visit in Coorg- White Water rafting places to visit in Coorg- White Water rafting places to visit in Coorg- Coorg White Water rafting


Sharing below a video of our trip. Just an attempt to show you how much fun our rafting was.

Top Things to do in Coorg 

  • Go on a plantation tour on foot or by jeep and enjoy some freshly brewed coffee
  • Rapelling at Nishani
  • Trekking and Kayaking
  • Eat Pandhi Curry (Pork delicacy made the coorg way with fish tamarind)
  • Try their traditional desert Paaputtu (a mix of steamed broken rice, coconut and sugar).
  • Enjoy an elephant ride at Dubare Elephant Camp

Thank you for reading this post! I hope you get to visit this beautiful place during the rainy season and enjoy as much as we did.

We feel Coorg is the perfect place to drain out all your tensions. So when are you planning your trip ? And if you have already been here, what do you think are the best  places to visit in Coorg ?


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    Goin' the extra...aaamile
    August 24, 2017 at 5:40 am

    I too did visit Coorg in the monsoon, wasn’t very impressed with the place. The people are very nice and friendly tho’.. ‘Coorgi pork’ was the added attraction, besides the weather which was lovely, cool in the evenings and the rains making it quite the place to be in!

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      August 24, 2017 at 6:21 am

      So lovely to know that you have been there 🙂 And yes i really love the warmth and vibes i get from the locals there..they are so friendly and amazing:) For us rafting was the main highlight of our trip…truly amazing experience..:) so nice of u to share ur experience here 🙂

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