Moussaka – MUST try food while in Greece :)

I love and live to travel. As a child, i used to travel a lot with my parents and now after marriage , I am still travelling and exploring the globe with my partner 🙂 Thank God I found a man who loves and enjoys travel just as much as i do 🙂  Travel makes me happy and also gives me new experiences and memories. Through my travels, i have gained so much knowledge about the world that i wouldn’t have got from my books and most importantly, its also helped me explore myself better. During my travels, i love to explore and try out the various cuisines that the place has to offer. Just about three months ago (June 2015) i visited Greece and i fell in love with their food. It was a short holiday . We spent just about 4 days exploring Athens and Crete Island.  I enjoyed the place, food, shopping and everything except for the hot weather ( it was around 45 degrees and i was burning ) . Out of all the dishes i had, Moussaka was my favorite. Moussaka is an inexpensive  meal and is always accompanied by  bread.  A portion will cost you around €5-7.. We had this dish from the Four Seasons Restaurant which is situated in Chania ,Crete. It was a finger licking meal overlooking the beautiful Venetian lighthouse.


Sinful indulgence !!!

How can i miss the Greek salad!

How can i miss the Greek salad!

Olives to die for !

Olives to die for !

 This dish is a superstar in the Greek cuisine :)To me,the dish resembled  a lasange (by the way, i am a huge fan of lasange), Its very creamy, juicy and tasty. This dish is popular all over Greece and you will find it in every Greek household and eatery.  Moussaka is a a wide, flat casserole consisting of several layers, of which the aubergine layer is the most important and tasty. Other layers include minced meat with onions, potatoes and sometimes courgettes. The top layer is made from béchamel which forms a golden crust when baked. The meat (beef or lamb)  is minced to perfection and juicy. The dish is very very filling and hence you do not require any side dish. Do try Moussaka if you ever make a trip to Greece. I am sure you are going to love  it 🙂

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