My experience at the Magic Nights Casa Batlló 2019

Quite recently I was given an opportunity to attend the Magic Nights at the beautiful Casa Batlló and I couldn’t resist the invitation for several reasons – The tag line of the event said that the Magic Nights is A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE IN BARCELONA, Secondly the event was happening at a UNESCO World heritage Site that was designed by the genius architect Antonio Gaudi. Thirdly it was an open-air concert on the Casa Batlló roof terrace and Lastly, it was a GOLD PRIORITY TICKET! Now tell me why would I even miss this golden opportunity to go and experience the Magic Nights Casa Batlló 2019?

Now before sharing my experience, I would like to share a few details about Casa Batlló and the Magic Nights event.

What is Casa Batlló?

While in Barcelona, seeing Gaudi´s buildings are a must and Casa Batlló in my opinion should top the list after Sagrada Familia.  Antonio Gaudi designed the swanky grand mansion as a private residence for the textile manufacturer Josep Batlló i Casanovas. This crown jewel of the Block of Discord is located on Passeig de Gràcia in the Eixample district. Casa Batlló and is one of the most beautiful Modernist buildings in Barcelona. The colors, design and architecture of the building – make it unique and stand out.

Before you book the tickets to see the interiors of Casa Batlló, I highly recommend you take a Free Gaudi Walking Tour to learn some important details about the Catalan architect Gaudi, his work style, his contributions, etc to make your visit more fruitful.

                                   Details of Casa Batlló Magic Nights

In simple words I would say going for the Magic Nights is like filling two needs with one deed .Where else would you find the perfect opportunity to check out the interiors of Casa Batlló and enjoy an open-air concert on its roof terrace? Another good thing is that there is a wide genre of music you can choose from such as Flamenco, Jazz, Soul, Rumba etc making it equally appealing and attractive to all music lovers. Before you purchase your ticket, it is best to consult the schedule of events and choose the concert of your choice.

Casa Batlló music concert


Casa Batlló Magic Nights Tickets – Where to Buy?

There are three types of tickets- Blue, Silver and Gold tickets and each one of them comes with their benefits and is priced differently.  You can purchase the tickets directly at the ticketing counter of Casa Batlló  or you can get them online by simply clicking on the Musement Website . Do not forget to check out the Casa Batlló website too for other interesting tours offered at Casa Batllo. We suggest you book online as the process is quicker and more convenient. If you are in a dilemma on what type of ticket to buy, then I would  suggest the GOLD as the ticket comes with some “extra benefits”.

What does your Magic Nights ticket include?

  • Tour of Casa Batlló with an augmented reality Smart Guide
  • A music concert on the roof terrace of Casa Batlló
  • Drink with a view


Magic Nights at Casa Batlló officially opens their doors to the public at 20.00 pm. The tour roughly lasts for an hour after which the concert starts at 21:00 hours and finishes by 22:00 hours.

Is Casa Batlló Magic Nights crowded?

Just before I entered Casa Batlló, I asked one of the personnel in-charge about the number of people attending Magic Nights on that day. I was told that the number of visitors is limited, and it was around 150 persons for that night. Now I know that 150 sounds like a big number, but it surely didn’t feel that crowded.

Who should go for the Magic Nights at Casa Batlló?

If you fancy art, architecture and music then Magic Nights at Casa Batlló is the place to be. The event is a perfect medley of all good things and no one would ever regret going to it.  In my opinion, it is a romantic activity for couples visiting Barcelona. Definitely worth adding to the list of things to do in Barcelona in summer.

Casa Batlló at night

What are the things to know before you go for Casa Batlló Magic Nights ?

  • Catalonia residents can get a small discount on their ticket, Check Casa Batlló official website for more details.
  • It is a summer special event and is from June 3rd to November 3rd 2019.
  • It is free for children under the age of 7
  • Buy advanced tickets to avoid long waiting time.
  • This event may not be the best option with children. Some kids may not appreciate and enjoy such an experience. Hence tagging them along may spoil the environment if the kids are not well behaved.
  • There is FREE WIFI inside the building which you can use.
  • There is a cute gift shop with several good looking trinkets and knick knacks . I recommend you buy directly from the Casa Batlló gift shop online to save time.
  • There is an elevator available for those guests who have limited mobility due to old age, pregnancy or disability.  But it must be noted that the elevator does not reach the roof terrace.
  • If you are visiting Casa Batlló with babies or toddlers, then you can leave the stroller in the ground floor with the staff and take your child in a baby carrier.

Inside Casa Batlló –Tour with an augmented reality Smart Guide

Since the entry tickets are quite pricey, many people prefer to admire the building from outside and leave. The expensive ticket kind of puts you off from exploring the interiors of Casa Batlló. In my opinion, you must experience the Magic Nights at Casa Batlló if you can afford it. I can guarantee that the event is worth every penny and you will not regret your decision.

The entrance includes a visit, performance and a drink on the roof top of Casa Batlló. Upon entering Casa Batlló, my first reaction was WOW! With every step I took, I could see the sheer brilliance of Antonio Gaudi unfold.

Once inside you will be given a headset and directed to start the self guided tour. The headset is attached to an iPod and once you touch the first number, the audio begins in your preferred language. It is the most phenomenal audio tour I’ve ever seen and used and this is why- If you hold your iPod up and move it around the room- it will display images of what the room would have looked like when the house was still in use. You just need to follow the numbers to make your way through the house. The Audio guide was instrumental in helping me understand the big and small details, symbols used by Gaudi and importance of every nook and corner of the house. It was indeed a great experience.


Audio guide Casa Batlló

Modernist Room Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló Modernist Room Photo

Another thing I really enjoyed was the access to the Modernist Hall, located in the Jujol Room of Casa Batlló. The room with its period furniture and treasured artifacts took me back in time to a bygone era. The photo booth set up in the Modernist hall was yet another attraction.  The visitors can choose from a wide variety of props and get their pictures clicked in a ¨classic setting¨. I readily obliged for my photo and here i have a beautiful keepsake from my visit.

My experience at the Magic Nights Casa Batlló 2019

After exploring all the rooms and unique architectural details, I headed to the terrace for the much-awaited Concert. The roof top was beautifully lit with fairy lights and looked like a movie setting. It was nothing short of amazing.  We were welcomed with sparkling Cava to celebrate the night. The artist for the night was the uber talented Monica Guech. She was magnificent and her voice really added a touch of magic to the night. As I stood there with my Cava, music in the background and the vista of Barcelona from the roof top of Casa Batlló, I took a moment and thanked my stars for making that night happen. It was beautiful and undoubtedly A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCE IN BARCELONA. 

All in all, I am so glad I grabbed the opportunity to witness this event. From start to finish I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. If you are visiting Barcelona in summer, then do not miss the Casa Batlló Magic Nights. A must see!

Barcelona travel blogger

I will be failing in my duty if I do not thank Barcelona Travel Bloggers for this wonderful opportunity. A big Thank you to Casa Batlló and Musement for the invitation.  And for spoiling me with a Gold Priority ticket and a drool worthy goody bag.

I highly recommend you download the Musement Application. It is free to download and user friendly. It allows you to find and book tickets to museums, attractions and exciting activities all over the world.

Casa Batlló Magic Night event

I hope you all enjoyed this review on my experience at Magic Nights Casa Batlló 2019.

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