how to stay healthy during travel

Since this is a travel blog, we thought some tips and tricks on how to stay healthy during travel would be quite relevant to anyone visiting this space. We travel to relax,rejuvenate from all the stress and enjoy life to the fullest but we sometimes end up neglecting our health and then the whole vacation becomes a kill joy! So in this post, we would like to share some tips below which will ensure you remain in good health throughout your holiday and enjoy the vacation you always dreamt of. So what you waiting for? Read on

  1. Walk as much as you can – Honestly this is the best way to explore any travel destination. Maybe sign up for a free walking tour? Its as good as killing two birds with one stone. Burning Calories + Exploring the new place.
  2. Stay away from Fast food – Indulge in the local food and fruits but make sure you stay away from junk food which is unhealthy and which makes you feel heavy and bloated. Try to incorporate salads, soups, smoothies, energy bars, nuts etc which would give you the required nutrition to keep you going. Also while choosing your accommodation, if you book a place to stay which also has the option of a kitchen (like in the case of AirBnb )then you are sorted. You can make your own healthy food than have store bought food which need not be fresh. Also, cooking your meals will definitely make you save a lot of money which you can otherwise spend on a travel souvenir for keepsake. If you are staying at a hotel, avoid the room service option..go to a supermarket and buy fresh food. Dont go overboard with the ” complimentary breakfast” which the hotel provides.

stay healthy during travel

3.Portion Control – When you travel, you would surely want to try out the local dishes from that place. Go ahead and dig in  and enjoy the delicious treats the place has to offer ,but make sure you do it in controlled portions. You can always share that pizza/ croissant with your co-traveller and thereby share the calories too.

4.Find time for exercise – Go for a Swim, Do yoga, go Hiking, Run/ Jog a few miles. Make sure you do any form of exercise you enjoy and this will make sure you feel good throughout your trip. Sweating it out is essential to get rid of those toxins.

stay healthy during travel

5. Stay Hydrated – While you are walking, or maybe even trying out the local beer from a popular pub, dont neglect good old water! Your body needs it at all times..Too much of walking/ activities or even drinking can make you dehydrated , so sip water regularly. Carry a bottle with you at all times and refill it as and when needed.  If you dont like to drink regular water, try the fruit infusions. That being said, i would also like to say go easy on alcohol.

6. Carry your medicines – Well this point is often skipped but most important. Carry the basic medicines you would need and also any special medication you use or may need. If you have any allergies, DO NOT FORGET your tablets! I am stressing on this point from my own experience . I learnt my lesson the hard way and know how stressful and tense the whole travel can be  if you end up with some allergies and dont have your tablets. Also if you are on some medication, it is always wise to carry the doctor’s prescription!

7.Avoid Crash Diets-  Many a times people go on crash diets just before a beach holiday just so that they can fit in perfectly into that new bikini they bought for a holiday. However, if you are on a weight loss mission, do it slowly and consistnely. Crash diets dont help. There is a possibilty you mess up your entire vacation due to the crash diet. Chances are very high that your body reacts very differently after a crash diet and you dont want to experiment while on a holiday

8.Sunscreen , Sunscreen and More Sunscreen – Be it a beach holiday , a hike or just a visit to a popular city, you need a good sunscreen at all times  and during all seasons. No excuses to miss out on this one. Find a good sunscreen to suit your skin type and use it generously to avoid skin cancer and damage to the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. While you use SPF for your face, dont neglect your  body and lips ( use a good chapstick)

So what are your tips to stay healthy during travels? Do comment and share below !!

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