Eindhoven GLOW festival 2015 Contd….

Hey Guys! I am so sorry for disappearing from here . I was super duper busy last week with guests and today my mother has arrived in Holland and will be spending the next two weeks with us 🙂 So i am going to be the official tour guide and show her around . I have no clue if i will get to blog every single day from tomorrow but i will try my best ! So my last blog post was on Glow Eindhoven. Just in case you havent read it, you can click here Eindhoven Glow 2015 Part 1

We all really enjoyed the Glow festival. Tomorrow is the last day and i am taking mom there. I am pretty sure she is going to enjoy it too. I spoke to a lot of people and most people seemed to like it. Its pretty innovative and interesting !

There are 25 glow projects which can be enjoyed for free.

   Street name  & Name of the project

  1. Poirterslaan – Nature and Architecture
  2. Jacob Catslaan – Giant Dandeions
  3. Anne Frankplantsoen – Weeping Willows
  4. Stadhuisplein – Giardino Incantato
  5. Oude Stadsgracht – Lichtinstinct
  6. Molenstraat – Interstices in a synaptic space
  7. DELA buliding – love
  8. Smalle Haven – Waves
  9. Catharinakerk-Diplopia
  10. Heuvel Eindhoven – Light Dome
  11. Hooghuisstraat – light study
  12. Wal- Cumulus Humulus
  13. Waagstraat – Moira #1
  14. Paradijslaan – Lithographic World
  15. TD Building – Dia de Muertos
  16. Anne Frankplantsoen – Kroonlichters
  17. Anne Frankplantsoen -Horizontal Interference
  18. Lex en Edo Hornemannplantsoen – light wave
  19. Jonckbloedtlaan – Incandescence
  20. Karel van de Woestijnelaan – Pleasant Places
  21. Coornhertlaan – Work under construction
  22. Stadswandelpark – Utopian City
  23. Stadswandelpark- Large Fire Tornado
  24. Stadswandelpark Parktheatre -Inside Out: The Cathedral
  25. Parktheatre Eindhoven- Inside Out

For pictures and GLOW video, click here

In addition to the above, there are also Glow Special Projects. The entry to these projects are not free and they cost 5 euros per person. The Special projects can be found at Parktheatre , Van Abbemuseum and Markt.

Best way to see GLOW

  • Download the Glow App for free on your mobile phone (Free wi-fi available at Eindhoven centre)and follow the route by GPS. The App also gives details on each project.
  • You can also follow GLOW on Snapchat. The username is gloweindhoven
  • You can also download an audio tour .Earphones are sold at kiosks for 2 euros
  • Go on a guided tour. 100 euros for a group of 10 people!

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    November 16, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    ah so every street has a different theme.. that sounds interesting. waiting to see your clicks 🙂
    A Rat’s​ ​Nibble

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    November 27, 2015 at 5:16 am

    I’m new here and I just to drop a comment to say I like this post a lot and it is very well written and interesting. Thank you.

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      Miss Jose
      November 27, 2015 at 8:39 am

      Thank you Kally. So glad to see this message! Thanks for your kind words:)

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