Camping in Vrouwenpolder , Netherlands during summer

Camping in Vrouwenpolder – If its on your mind, then your in the right place. This post is all about our camping experience at Vrouwenpolder in Netherlands.  To be honest, we always thought that Netherlands, being a flat country  has nothing much to offer apart from their world renowned cycling infrastructure and tulip gardens. But we were so wrong. Netherlands has so much to offer to its tourists. It is also a favourite camping holiday spot amongst Europeans especially Germans during Summers. Since Germany is popular for christmas markets and snowfall, the Dutch make trips to Germany during the colder months and the Germans likewise make trips in Summer to Holland to bask in the sun.

We took off on this wonderful holiday with two of our German friends in the month of June to enjoy some outdoor time whilst the weather is warm yet pleasant. Vrouwenpolder is a village nestled in the Dutch province of Zeeland. The camping place is called Oranjezon Camping and the place offers a variety of accommodations which one can choose from. Since we made last minute plans to do the trip, we were not able to get any bookings for the camping pods. Everything was full! Hence we decided to share the camping accommodation with the germans in their camper vehicle. This camping site has the facility where one can park their vehicles for any duration of time by paying a small fee on a monthly basis. If you do not have the option to camp in a camper van, then a tent is a good option too. Bring your own tent and just pay for pitching in your tent.




it looks like a waterfall 😉





some food at the beach


we took the green trail


Trekking finds..

Our drive from Eindhoven to Vrouwenpolder  was around 166 kilometres by car and it took us a little over 2 hours to get there.  On reaching there in the evening  , we left our bags in our camper vans and headed out for a quick dinner to a nearby eatery . The camping area is huge and has a lot of area for setting up the tent, cleaning and washing area, a shop to buy essentials, and a restaurant. Post dinner, we came back and set up our tent and retired to bed after a few conversations over some good wine.

The next day, we got up and to our surprise it was pouring cats and dogs. Our plan was to do some trekking inside the forest area and then visit the beach. Since we couldn’t step out with the mad downpours, we decided to indulge in some quick breakfast. We had some  fresh fruits ,bread with ham and cheese and some pipping hot tea.  Just when our breakfast was over, the rain gods stopped and we were all set to head out. We quickly wore our rain jackets and sneakers and headed for some trail walk. The forest area was very close to the our camping site…it was maybe just a kilometre away. On reaching there, we saw that there were around 3- 4 trails and we decided to go for the easiest one. It took us about an hour and a half to complete the trail walk post which we headed to Aloha Beach. There is a tad bit of walking to do to get to the beach..around 2 kilometres ..The beach was super clean and one can call it a virgin. What i liked the most was the way to the beach. It had an interesting walkway with a fleet of steps which looked like a waterfall when photographed from an angle. Also there is a decent restaurant where they serve some yummy food . Its a great place to binge after some play in the sea. We were lucky to have some sun at the beach and we enjoyed our time there flying kites and swimming in the sea. It was an amazing time ! We lit candles and played soft music and talked about various topics of common interest…Honestly i felt that the holiday ended too soon! I didnt say goodbye to this place simply because i know i will surely come back again for sure. Really wish to camp here again and if possible stay in one of those cute wooden pods.


the cutest pod!




camper vans and tents




Mister J:)

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    Wow. Camping in Netherlands! Who would have thought of it!

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    It is nice to see the post and the pics 🙂 My travel situations these days have been divergent due to certain reasons, and it has been difficult to pay attention to details like these 😀 😀

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    That sounds exciting!
    Cool way to enjoy vacations.

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