Best day trips from Barcelona – Train to Vall de Nuria

A visit to Vall de Nuria is so worth a day trip from Barcelona, Spain. What is amazing about Vall de Nuria is that a trip in any season would be equally rewarding – be it summer, spring, autumn or winter. If you go there in summer or spring, you will get to enjoy the beautiful virgin landscape rich in flora and fauna. You will get your dose of Vitamin D and also get a chance to set your eyes on a mirror lake – a crystal clear lake that echoes natural beauty of the region with its reflections. If you head there during Autumn, then you can enjoy a wonderful hike and set your feet on crunchy golden  autumn leaves. Hiking in Autumn is spectacular because the views are so drool worthy. The rich hues of nature will give you beautiful fall photographs to last you a lifetime. And if you are heading there in winter, you will get to see loads and loads of snow and will also be able to treat the adventure junkie in you with some winter sports! Now are you game to make a visit? We will help you plan your trip from Barcelona and also make it a worthwhile one.

Important information to consider before your trip to Vall de Nuria

  • Check the weather– The weather is pretty unpredictable in this area owing to its mountainous region. It is always advisable to carry an umbrella with you just in case there is a rain forecast.
  • Carry enough cash – The tickets for the mountain rail rack can be bought only with cash. We prefer to travel cashless but we ended up wasting a lot of time looking for ATMs to withdraw money for our tickets.
  • Appropriate clothing – Layer up well if you are planning to visit during Autumn/ Winter. We visited in the month of August and it was raining and the temperatures dropped to 6 degrees! Also,If you plan to do some ski activities, then you can rent the equipments from the ski school.
  • Be clear of what you want to do– Dont go there without a proper plan. There are just too many options in store for you. If you fancy an Ice Scuba Diving, then Val de Nuria is the place for you. Check out for more Val De Nuria Activities
  • Carry essential snacks and food – Highly recommend if you are traveling on a budget. Since there aren’t too many restaurants / bars at the resort, we could clearly see that the prices were on the higher end.
  • Accommodation – The stay at the ski resort is definitely an experience but it is pricy. If you are looking for cheaper stay options, then you can stay at  Ribes de Freser which has several  budget hotels and hostels!

How to  take the train to Vall de Nuria from Barcelona ?

Train to Vall de Nuria

Traveling to Vall de Nuria from Barcelona is very easy by train. Head to Placa de Catalunya and go straight to the ticket counter and ask for your tickets. Get the combined ticket (and two way) so that you need not worry about purchasing any more tickets once you have embarked on your journey. The ticket costs around 30 euros for each person and it will include a journey from Placa de Catalunya to Ribes de Freser and also the mountain rack train which will take you all the way up to Vall de Nuria. Make sure to carry enough cash with you to purchase your tickets. Its a pity that they do not let us pay by card. If you travel early mornings, the frequency of the train is better and you will get more time to spend in Vall de Nuria. if you leave around noon time, the frequency gets lesser and you will have to wait for approximately 40-50 minutes before you can jump into the train. The train to Ribes de Freser stops only for a couple of minutes in Placa de Catalunya at Platform 1 so make sure you keep a close watch on the clock. Once you have boarded the train, do not go to sleep. Since the journey is for 1.5 hours ,chances are quite high you may want to sleep. But try not to and watch out of your window for the amazing scenery. After you reach Ribes de Freser , walk towards Ribes Enllac and wait there from where you will take the next train. Again here if you are not on time, you may have to wait for a bit like we did before we could get onto the mountain rack train. Now this is the best part of the whole trip! The scenic journey will leave you spellbound. The mighty mountains, lush greenary and the chillness in the air are all interwoven so beautifully to create some sort of magic spell on every traveler.

If you enjoy hiking , then you must hike down the Queralbs. The region is beautiful and the trail is not very difficult to do either. If you are lucky you may also spot some wildlife special to the region.

We also recommend a visit to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Núria which is a popular place of pilgrimage. It is a great place to meditate and attend spiritual retreats. If you want to witness the grand celebrations at Nuria , then you should plan a trip during one of the three notable feasts which are celebrated there –

  • June 29th: In the past this was the date when the sanctuary was reopened and sheep flocks were once more guided up to mountain pastures. These days it is still celebrated with a solemn mass and a blessing of different breads and porridge.
  • September 1st: Saint Giles’ feast day when the Feast of the Shepherds is celebrated. 
  • September 8th:  A grand Eucharistic celebration held on the birth date of the Virgin Mary. After the mass, the image of the Virgin is carried to the hermitage of Saint Giles, where hymns are sung to her.

What to buy as Souvenirs?

Well there is just one souvenir shop up there in the ski resort which displays several items for sale. You will find jewelery, clothing, umbrellas, chocolates, liqour and wine from the region, shot glasses and mugs and many such knick knacks. But to be honest, we found them to be quite expensive. Perhaps being the sole player in this arena maybe the reason for exorbitant prices. But if you are okay with shelling out the euros, then definitely pick up something for keeps sake.


We hope you liked this post on our trip to Vall de Nuria. Do let us know if you ever visit this place after reading our post. Also do check out our post here for more Things to see and do in Spain

Bye for now

Happy Travels


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