Barcelona walking tours with Runner Bean Tours – The Dark Past Night Tour Review

Barcelona is more than just about funky architecture, distinct neighbourhood and pulsating nightlife. Its known to be one of Europe’s most alluring destinations. There are several ways to explore the hidden gems of this Spanish city but we feel nothing can beat the Barcelona walking tours. We have done two Barcelona walking tours in the past and this one is our third. Must admit that we are quite addicted to this vibrant city that has a lot to offer to anyone visiting it. To check out our previous tour experiences click Gaudi Free Walking Tour and Free Gothic Quarter Walking Tour

Today we are reviewing the Dark Past Night Tour organised by the Runner Bean Tours Barcelona. This is a fixed price tour and the tour price is 16 euros per person.

This tour was very different from the ones we have done in the past. Its a tour based on Barcelona’s legends and actual historical facts.The tour is very aptly named the Dark Past Night Tour because it begins once the sun goes down. The walk through the narrow streets of El Born took us back in time to explore and trace the darker side of Barcelona, exposing us to some spine -chilling tales of torture, punishments and public executions. Our guide- Adam blessed with the gift of the gab played a huge role in making this tour a grand success. While on the tour ,we learnt a lot about the Spanish Inquisition which we otherwise would not have known. We got a good understanding on the beliefs and methods used in the past during the inquistion and how it affected the common man. During our two hour walk we touched upon several interesting places in the Catalan Capital. A few of them being- Church of Saint Peter, Convent of Sant Agusti, Carrer dels banys vells and Santa Maria del Mar. We were also taken to the ancient cemetry which unravelled tales of a lively past. Adam used several props and a mini projector to make the whole tour a fun one. Honestly we are cluless on how time flew by so fast whilst on this tour. We do not want to share all the stories we heard through Adam ,instead we want you to go and experience the Dark Past Night Tour yourself. Just so that you know what to expect, we are giving you a small background of the Spanish Inquistion below.

A little about the Spanish Inquisition- Previously (711 AD) Spain and Portugal was collectively known as the Iberian Penninsula. The whole place was vested in the power of Christians. Somehow a bunch of Muslims sneaked in and thew out the Christians. The latter fled into an unknown land and plotted revenge to get back the land which they believed was theirs. The whole process took close to 800 years and voila finally the Christians came back to power. The power couple ruling during this period- Ferdinand and Isabella  was very religious and took pride in being Catholics. Their main mission was to somehow get the others-Jews, Muslims & Protestants converted into Christianity. Since they wanted the order to be concrete , they approached the Pope who gave them a Pepal Bull ( a written order from the Pope) stating that Christianity is the only legal religion hereafter. Anyone failing to convert could be questioned, punished and even executed. Following the order, anyone who was not Catholic was pulled into the tribunal court and questioned.If he/she failed to give a convincing response to the questions thrown ,then things would go bad for them. Rope, water and fire were used to torment the poor souls….hooked on the story already? Find out more from the tour guides!

The Dark Past Night Tour The Dark Past Night Tour spanish inquisition, barcelona walking tours barcelona walking tours

Barcelona Walking Tours detail –

The Dark Past Night Tour details


  • March 15th to March 31st: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7pm
  • April 1st to October 31st: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm
  • November 1st to November 30th: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7pm
  • December 1st to December 31st*: Saturdays at 7pm
  • January 1st to March 14th: No scheduled group tours available (only private tours)

To be noted- (*) Tours not running Dec 24th, 25th & 26th and Jan 1st

Duration2 hours and the Language is English

Meeting Point -Arc de Triomf (under the monumental arch) and End point -Plaça Comercial (at the main entrance of El Born CC)

Please note- We would not recommend this tour for children.

How to find the guide –The guide will be waiting under the monumental arch wearing a bright green vest and a name tag.

To join the above tour visit Dark Past Night Walking Tour Barcelona

Another tour we recommend is private tours Barcelona

Why we recommend Runner Bean Walking Tours Barcelona?

  • A local tour company with several years of experience. They offer free and reasonable priced tours.
  • They have the best guides. What we liked the most is that these guides are so passionate about what they do  and they never ever compromise on the quality of the tour. Jose and i have sensed a local touch which makes us believe it cannot get more authentic and more spanish than this.They do their job exceptionally well and we assure you that there is no room for disappointment.  Hats off to the whole crew of Runner Bean Tour for making this an exciting tour!
  • They support responsible and sustainable tourism. They always strive to make a positive impact in the city and also collaborate with small businesses thus helping to support the local economy. Kudos to the founders of Runner Bean Tours-Gorka & Ann-Marie for such great intiatives. We love how you are educating and  inspiring those around you through your small business. 

Note to our Readers– If you are given a choice to choose between the barcelona hop on hop off buses and barcelona walking tours , we highly recommend the latter because your guide will be able to give you more details about the barcelona attractions and you would get to know the city better this way.Its honestly one of the best things to do in barcelona and we suggest you do it as soon as you arrive .So now the next time someone asks you what to see in barcelona or places to visit in barcelona tell them about these awesome walking tours that happen in the city. 

Disclaimer-This Post has been sponsored by Runner Bean Tours .All opinions here, however, are honest and our own.

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