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Simple Tips For Planning A Babymoon 

A few weeks back Jose and I flew to Ibiza for our babymoon and had a memorable time together.  If you are wondering what exactly a babymoon is then it is a term that refers to a brief vacation taken by  going to be parents to relax or unwind before the baby is born. It is ideally the last vacation you take together as a couple.

The concept of Babymoon is not very popular in countries like India but it is slowly picking up. According to a  survey titled ‘Decoding the Babymoon Trend‘ conducted by Cox and Kings, they confirmed the rise of Babymoon Vacation in India. Another interesting finding was that about 82% of the pregnant women surveyed expressed their desire to go on a babymoon vacation.

Why you should go on a Babymoon?

Simple Tips For Planning A Babymoon 

Having a baby is a life changing event. Pregnancy is undoubtedly a beautiful phase in every woman’s life but it comes with its share of highs and lows. Not every day is rosy and beautiful. Some days are hard and can be too taxing for the mom to be as she is growing a tiny human inside her. And after all these months of preparation and waiting, once the tiny tot is out , things will change. The new member will need all your attention  and things will never be the same as before. So why not spend some precious couple time together before you welcome that special human into your life? We are totally for the concept of Babymoon and here is why

Time to Recharge and Relax

Take a break from your office work and everything else and just take this as an opportunity to come together as a couple and chill. No matter how much you ace “parenting skill” , you can be sure that  once the baby arrives things will change a lot and you are not going to get as much time as you used to get together prior to the baby’s arrival. ( may after you retire which is a long way to go…)So enjoy the tension free holiday without having to worry about anything.

Time to Dream together

Every parent has dreams for their children. It is a great time to bond with your better half and share your dreams that you have for the new member of the family.

Time to Plan 

Babymoon is an excellent time to sit together as a couple and plan the coming days. It is the perfect time to sit together and make decisions about parenting styles you wish to adopt.There is just so much to plan once you know your having a baby so why not use this time well to make those choices. Maybe make birth plans or even decide on what you want to name the child if you already know the gender.You can also use this time to decide on how you wish to have the gender reveal for your friends and family or even the theme of your upcoming babyshower.

Some Romance

It is very important to keep the spark alive .Use this time to enjoy some quality time before the baby is born. You could probably go for a spa together and enjoy a couple massage or also do a simple yet romantic candle light dinner.

Last moments of Adventure

Well once the baby arrives, you obviously wouldn’t be able to do things which you could previously. Like you would not have access to “couples only places” . So might as well go and enjoy it one last time before the baby makes a grand entry.

Quality time with your partner

Parenting is challenging and surely needs a lot of teamwork by the couple to make things work. It is very important that the couple share a good rapport and are on the same page so that things go smoothly. A babymoon offers a perfect opportunity to really connect and work on this. The Babymoon vacation need not be fancy. The whole idea of babymoon is not to tick off things/ places on your bucket list. Instead its all about spending some good quality time with your partner to communicate and share.

Simple Tips For Planning A Babymoon

Here are some important Babymoon Tips that will come handy when you are planning a babymoon and travelling while pregnant.


Be a part of the planning and know where you are going and what the itinerary is going to look like. Ideally you should not leave any room for surprises on this trip.

Know your Body

Every woman’s body is different and so is her pregnancy journey. Hence it is very important that you self analyse and know what your body is capable of doing. Make your babymoon itinerary based on your interests and level of fitness.

Green signal from the obstetrician

Keep your doctor informed about the upcoming travel and make sure you get a ” yes” before you embark on your journey. Also do not forget to carry your medicines with you. It would also be great to check if you are required to take any vaccines before you set off to a foreign country. Keep a copy of your  pregnancy medical records and also know where the nearest hospital is at your destination – just in case.

Pack Wisely

Always pack only what you need and do not pack anything in excess. Remember it is not advisable that you carry heavy objects during pregnancy. Also you obviously wouldn’t want to burden your partner with your heavy baggage. Try to pack minimal things and also what you can reuse on your trip. Carry comfortable clothes and try to avoid tight fitting clothes. A good fair of comfortable walking shoes is a must no matter what!

Stay Hydrated

Whatever maybe the season, you must stay hydrated at all times. Especially when you are flying, there is a possibility that you can get dehydrated very quickly. Carry a bottle with you at all times and keep refilling it with your favourite drinks like lemonade and ORS.

Dont miss the Camera

When you go on a babymoon you cannot forget your camera. Invest in a good equipment  to record those good moments and experiences. and if possible carry a Tripod too so that you dont bother others to take your couple shots.

When Should You Go on a Babymoon?

The perfect time to go on a Babymoon is during your second trimester (from week 13 to week 28). During the second trimester it is most likely you will feel your best – early pregnancy symptoms will likely be done and third trimester exhaustion won’t have kicked in yet. We planned our Babymoon during week 26 and we felt it was perfect. My belly was big enough to click some good pictures. It is important to know that after 28 weeks, some airlines ask you to present a doctor’s note confirming your due date and also your fitness to fly. So if you are traveling late in your pregnancy, do carry the required documents.

Where Should You Go?

Now the destination totally depends on the couples’ interest and liking. You can choose to go on a safari, beach vacation, island get away, historic city etc…the options are endless ! Just keep in mind the weather of the chosen destination and also the travel distance. Italy, Spain and Portugal are very popular babymoon destinations in Europe.

A tropical vacation is nice, but you can also do a staycation. The important thing is to take time off and do it! a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

How long should your Babymoon be?

The duration of the Babymoon can be a short weekend break or it can also be a holiday spanning upto a week or two. What really matters is that the couple gets ample time to unwind properly and enjoy each other’s company before the sleepless nights set in. This should be the time to indulge in gourmet dinners, massages etc.

How to Plan a Babymoon on a Budget?

We like to share some Budget Babymoon Tips so that you keep your expenses low and dont end up spending a fortune on this holiday.

  • Travel during off season like we did. We went to Ibiza in November and we spent only half of what we would have otherwise spent had we travelled during summer.
  • Choose hotels/ stay options that include breakfast. If you are booking an AirBnb , then it is good to go to the local supermarket and shop your groceries and cook your own meals.
  • Book your tickets well in advance and choose economy airlines like Vueling, Ryanair or Wizz Air if you are planning to fly to your destination.
  • Staycation is a good way to keep your babymoon on a budget.
  • Utilize Groupon for booking your hotel, choosing restaurants, spa packages and more
  • If you like to spend your time outdoors, then go on a camping trip. It is an amazing way to get away from technology and gives you a chance to have some one-on-one time with your partner.

We hope you really enjoyed this blogpost on “Simple Tips For Planning A Babymoon”. Please do feel free to leave your comments or feedback below this post .

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