A visit to Park Güell , Barcelona

Greetings to our readers from a sunny Barcelona. We made a visit to the popular and much talked about Park Guell and wanted to share our experience with you here. To know more, keep on reading!

Story  behind Park Guell 

A beautiful park designed by Antonio Gaudi who was an Art Nouveau and Modernist Architect. The park was completely designed by Gaudi in his unique style .  The idea behind the site came from Count Eusebi Güell, who wished to set up a housing complex for the rich  and affluent which would be situated far  away from the smoky factories  and hustle and bustle of city life. Mr Guell thought it would be a fantastic idea to have the houses built in a beautiful park situated in a hilly region.  His plan was to have sixty lush homes  surrounded by an extraordinary park . But Guell did not recieve a positve resposne from his clients, and hence only  two houses were built , one large house for Mr Guell and another which was to serve the purpose of a show house. Both the houses were not designed by Gaudi . Gaudis contribution was restricted to the design of the park  alone. After a while, Mr Guell decided to sell the show house but no one came  forward to buy the home. And then, it was Gaudi who bought the house from Mr Guell with his savings and moved in with his family . Gaudi lived in this house for a period of twenty eyars . The houses contains the original works by Gaudi and is now known as Gaudi House Museum (Casa Museu Gaudí) . The house has notable furnishings designed by Gaudi himself. Even though the gated community idea  was an utter failure, the park was a huge hit amongst everyone and it still is. Guells family used the park as their private property and later on handed it over to the municipality who made it open for the public . This park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a must see for anyone visiting Barcelona.

How to get to the Park?

Park Guell is located in Olot Barcelona and can be reached by Metro, Bus, Barcelona city tour bus, and taxis.

  • If you are taking the metro, then  take L3 ( green line) which stops at Vallcarca or Lesseps and from thereon the Park is just a 15 minutes walk.
  • If you choose to go by Bus, then watch out for H6, 32, 24 or 92. From the bus stop, the park is a short walk by foot
  • In the case of the tourist bus, take the blue route and get off at the stop “Park Güell”.
    In the case of Barcelona City Tour, the route is called “East” (green) and also stop “Park Güell”
  • You can also opt for the taxi option. A recommended app would be MYTAXI . Download the app from here

Is the entry to the Park free?

Yes and No ! Well there are two parts to this park. One part is free while the monumental sites have a paid entry. You can see about 75- 80% of the park in the free area but for the rest you have to shell out some money .

How to book the Park Güell Tickets 

The tickets can be bought online  in advance , choosing the date and time slot of your visit. If you dont have a reservation, then god save you. You will have to wait for long hours before you can actually get in . There are also options for guided tours and private tours so make sure to book what you think would be most apt for you. Buy your tickets from HERE

Important  Note

  • All children from 0 to 6 years must carry a ticket even if it is free. Children  in the age group of 7 years and above must pay for their tickets
  • Buying tickets online work out cheaper (approximately by one euro per head ) than buying them at the Box office

But you can enter Parc Güell for free without paying even a penny too :

  • During winter (November 1st-March 30th). On the first Sunday of every month, a limited number of free tickets are given out at the box office
  • During summer (April 1st- October 31st). Every Sunday from 17:00 to 20:00 hours.
  • Open house on April 23rd for Sant Jordi  May 18th and September 24th for La Mercè.

Since this was our first visit to the park, we thought we will first explore the free area of the park before doing the paid monumental part. Since the park is very close ( 1.5 kilometers) from where we live, we happily walked to the park . Since the path is quite an uphill, good pair of walking shoes and water is highly recommended. We spent about 4 hours in the park and really enjoyed our time there. If you are a first timer and wondering whether to do the free area, well yes you should! If you are on a time crunch then probably you will want to do the paid and free park all at one go.

I am sharing below pictures from our trip, Hope you like them . Now time for my pictures to do some talking


Antonio Gaudi





Gaudi house museum

Park Güell

Park Güell-Antonio Gaudi

Park Güell

Park Güell-Antonio Gaudi

Park Güell-Antonio Gaudi



Park Güell


DSC02485 (1).JPG

Park guell

If you plan to stay for longer hours, then we suggest you take some lunch with you because with all the walking around, you are sure to feel hungry. There is a souvenir shop right outside the park just in case you want to buy something for memory sake. In the Park you will find illegal migrants selling  souvenirs -keychains, Gaudi inspired earrings, fans, beautiful floral hats etc at throwaway prices. But be careful- buying from them is illegal. The policeman are always doing rounds and you could get into trouble if you are caught buying something from these vendors.

unnamed (3).jpg

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you enjoyed the photos, do make sure to leave your valuable comments and feedback. We will be back with more pictures of Park Guell once we do the paid part !!



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