6 Tips on How to Plan Your Adventure Travel Trip to India

India is a diverse nation full of colour combination and their contrasts. Being the seventh largest country by area, it is the most populous country. Following the principle “unity in diversity” India stands different from other countries. Famous for diversity in clothes, religion, states, language, India comes with extreme diversity in all areas.

Planning to visit such a beautiful country is an amazing idea especially for adventure. Adventures are always exciting and interesting specially when it comes to activities such as river rafting, scuba diving, trekking, sky diving, mountain biking etc. There are many places in India to have an adventurous vacation with your family and friends.

So, here are 6 tips on how to plan an adventure trip to India.


6 Tips on How to Plan Your Adventure Travel Trip to India

Sunset in Andamans – Photo by Joses Travel Tales

India varies in climatic condition and geological conditions. Starting from the peaceful area of South to the snowy mountains of North, the deserts of the West and the coastal regions of East, they all offer the true tastes of India. Hence to plan a trip to India, you need to have knowledge about the area you are planning to visit. A full research should be done before planning your trip. You may have planned to stay at a place for longer time but then u might not like that place and plan to go somewhere else, hence you should always be ready with a backup plan.

For an adventure trip, you can try mountain biking in India at Singalila Ridge, west Bengal which is the most popular trekking destination in East. For paragliding, Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh is a good choice. For water sports such as boating, river, rafting and kayaking, Uttarakhand, Goa and Karnataka are popular places. Scuba diving is also one of the popular activities. Andaman Islands and Lakshadweep Island are famous spots for scuba diving. Now coming to the most popular sport – trekking, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand are the best spots for it. Hence having good knowledge about these spots will help you plan better.

2. When to visit India

India’s climatic condition may vary from place to place; hence it is advisable to know the right time to visit a particular place in India. Usually the best time to travel is in October as it is neither hot nor cold. The weather is normal all over India in October. Visiting Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir or any northern state in winters would be too cold. So, it is better to go there in summers. If you want to enjoy calmness of the southern states then Oct-March is the best time. Same goes for the western states as well.  The eastern states are nice and cool in Nov-Feb, which will definitely give you a pleasant weather for trekking in West-Bengal.

3.Budget Hotels

When you are travelling, most of your savings are wasted on luxurious hotels. Hence while planning for a trip, it is essential to book a hotel within your     budget, so that the same amount can be used on other things. Here is a list of hotels in Ladakh, Rajasthan, Kerala and Sikkim as these are the states which promise the best adventures may it be trekking, paragliding, camel rides or scuba diving.

  • Ladakh:  Hotel Ladakh Inn

           La Buddha Hotel

  • Rajasthan: Hotel Arco Palace

           Hotel Sarang Palace

  • Kerala: Seaside Residency

        Vedanta wake up

  • Sikkim: Magella’s Hotel

        Hotel Disha

4. Adventure Places in India

We usually try some adventure when we are bored by our daily routine. While planning trip to India, you must be aware of the popular adventures so that you don’t miss out any. So here are few things you must include in your to-do list before you visit India.

  • Roopkund trekking
  • Parasailing in Kerala
  • River rafting in Goa
  • Mountain climbing in Madhya Pradesh
  • Scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

5. Tourist Visa and Other Permissions

As you already know that except for Nepal and Bhutan, citizens of other countries need visa to enter India. So, if you do not have a visa, apply for it long before you actually need it as it takes a lot of time to get you visa prepared. Along with that there are few places in India which need permission to enter such as some places in Ladakh and Sikkim. Hence, be ready with all the permission letters to avoid any hassles.

6.Travel Essentials

While travelling we all tend to forget some or the other important things. Sometimes we do not even keep things handy. Hence you must prepare a travel kit including the following things:

  • Passport
  • Water bottle – to keep yourself hydrated
  • Wallet
  • Cosmetics such as lip balm, moisturiser, sunscreen
  • Wet wipes- since its very hot in India
  • Sanitiser- to keep yourself germs free
  • Snacks – to not keep your stomach hungry
  • Adapters, portable chargers, headphones

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