6 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

Scientists say that traveling makes us much happier than any other material wealth and we swear by it! The main purpose of starting our blog was to share our travel stories with the world and to inspire everyone around us to travel more .Through this space we would also like to share some travel tips and tricks that we have learnt over the years.  Regardless of whether you decide to travel solo, with a group or as a couple, here are some of the things you absolutely MUST do every time you travel. In this post we are sharing  6 Things You Should Do Every time You Travel. These simple tips are sure to uplift your travel experience.

6 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

                            Shopping at Hippy Market in Ibiza

Here are some of the things you absolutely MUST do every time you travel

  • Try the Local Food

No matter which city or country we travel to, we always make an effort to try the local food there.  Since we are budget travelers, we do not dine out for all the three meals in a day but we do include a couple of meals that incorporate local cuisine. We read up restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor and also look up the names of the must have dishes on YouTube before settling for the traditional meal at the local restaurant. While i write this, i still remember queuing up for almost an hour to try the popular Socca de Nice and  trust me it was surely worth the wait. So the next time you travel, take a break from the usual food and try something which is authentic. The Gastronomic Experience will definitely teach you something new about the place you are visiting.

  • Take Public Transport

We cant stress enough on how important it is to take public transport while traveling . Travelling by public transport is an experience in itself and will open your eyes to new and interesting cultures. Its a fantastic way to meet the locals and also strike a conversation with them. I still remember how I took the local bus in Velankanni and talked to several locals and tourists during my trip. In fact, i ended up exchanging numbers with a tourist from Colombo and we were even invited to spend Christmas with his family. And yes we went to Sri Lanka and spent a week at their place. Traveling did give me new friends and i am thankful for it. Another plus about using the metro, tram, bus and train services is that it will help you save a lot of money in comparison to taxi rides.

  • Buy Authentic souvenirs 

Souvenirs are memories for a lifetime.  Investing in a keepsake enables us to  surround ourselves with little memories of our travels We always pick up a trinket or two from all our travels and always purchase artisanal, locally-made items. For example, We picked up a lot of lavender and artisan crafted soaps from our French Riviera Road Trip .The best place to find  local goodies is in the street markets.  Souvenirs need not be expensive but make sure not to buy the cheap ones which are made elsewhere.  We make it a point to pick up light weight souvenirs which can be easily packed and carried.

  • Visit local markets and grocery stores

This is our top tip and we never ever fail to visit local supermarkets, grocery stores and bakeries We look through the shelves and figure out how food is different from what we have at home. It enables us to immerse ourselves in the daily life of the locals – what they eat, their food habits, their lifestyle etc.  Shopping from local supermarkets is the best if you are traveling on a budget. And it can also be a great place to buy some typical food to gift someone when you return home.

  • Take free walking tour

This is the best way to understand and learn more about the pulse of a  city. And this tip works very well especially if you are traveling in Europe. Just look up on Google for ” Free Walking Tour along with the city name you wish to explore and voila you have it all in front of you. Going for these walking tours will teach you so much about the place and your guide will also give you some handy tips on local culture, best foods to try, off beat paths to explore etc. Take a walking tour as soon as you arrive in the city. If you fancy bike rides, then you could also explore the place by singing up for a cycling tour (usually paid).

  • Learn the language

Make it a point to learn at least a few essential words and phrases before you arrive at your destination so that you can order something off the menu, ask for directions when your lost or also just enjoy a small talk with a random local you meet on your trip. You can use the DUOLINGO APP

We hope you enjoyed this post . What are the Must Dos while traveling that will make your trip even more unforgettable ? Share with us in the comments section below.

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