5 Reasons To Visit Kuala Lumpur & How To Plan The Trip

Kuala Lumpur, or KL, is the capital of Malaysia and its largest city. It covers an area of 243 square km and has an estimated population of almost 2 million. Ultimately, it’s quite the achievement for a town whose name means muddy confluence! However, surprisingly enough, a lot of visitors prefer to visit other regions of Malaysia, such as the UNESCO-site George Town in the Penang region, or even the Manukan Island which is the first marine national park with some of the best beaches and preferred scuba diving spots for tourists. The capital city doesn’t reserve as much as attention as the rest of Malaysia, and, to be honest, it’s rather unfair. Kuala Lumpur is often left as the last spot to see before the end of the holiday, where people decide to spend a couple of hours in town before heading to the airport. Don’t be fooled: There is more to KL than you might believe! In fact, it deserves an entire vacation of its own.

5 Reasons To Visit Kuala Lumpur & How To Plan The Trip

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 Get yourself ready to dive into a new adventure

If you’re traveling from Canada, you’re in luck, because you don’t need a visa to visit Kuala Lumpur. In fact, you don’t need a visa for all trips – business or pleasure – of under 90 days. As a rule of the thumb, you want to plan around 2 weeks to see the capital city, and that means, you need to pack accordingly. Also remember, packing accordingly doesn’t mean you have to grab the largest suitcase you can find and empty half your wardrobe inside. In fact, it’s about packing lightly and smartly for a fortnight. As you will spend most of your time either walking in town and around, or relaxing by the water, it’s fair to say that you don’t need a ton of outfits. You can roll your clothes to save a lot of room, or alternatively use travel packing cubes. Actually, you can combine rolling with your cubes for extra space saving! Then you need to find an accommodation that is well situated to visit the town. While hotels are always the first choice, try to look for a studio for rent in KL instead so that you can be in the city center. For your information, studios with views of the Desa Park City are generally in the town center, while studios with views of Mont Kiara tend to be on the outskirts of town.

5 Reasons To Visit Kuala Lumpur & How To Plan The Trip

#1. For the sports lover

There is something for every kind of traveler in KL. If you’re a sports addict, you’ll love the proximity to the mountains. IN fact, the hub of climbing is in Kuala Lumpur, with the development of a strong community. If you want to start easy before going for the real thing, you can find plenty of rock climbing centers in town. But once you start feeling more confident, you should head to the last limestone outcrop on Peninsular Malaysia, namely the Batu Caves. However, there’s more to do at the Batu Caves, as you’ll soon find out! If climbing isn’t your thing, have a look at the scuba diving experiences in KL. You can reach most of the diving location from KL, starting with Pulau Pangkor with is a small island renowned for its sandy beaches and clear waters. If you’re new to diving, it’s the perfect spot to learn. And even if you get bored of diving, you can still get your hand on a speedboat or try riding a jet-ski around the island.

#2. Get your Indiana Jones / Lara Croft feeling

The Batu Caves are not only a great place for climbing. They’re also a sacred site that is rumored to have been built by the gods themselves only 17 km outside of KL. In reality, it’s the combination of natural wonder and man-made structure that makes it one of the most popular sites in the country. The limestone tower has been around for millions of years. Its peculiar shape reminds a vel, which is the head of a celestial spear so that the extraordinary monolith became a place of worship for a Hindu deity – Lord Murugan, the god of war who carries the same celestial spear. Hence, visitors are greeted by a 140 feet tall golden statue of Lord Murugan at the entrance of the site, at the bottom of the divine steps that lead to the caves. It’s impossible not to feel like an adventurer once you explore the extraordinary hollow limestone tower, channeling your imagination to visualize how the prehistoric inhabitant would have enjoyed living in the area. Whether the site has been blessed by the gods, it’s impossible to say. But every visitor reckons that maybe the shape of the vel in the caves wasn’t completely accidental. You decide.

malaysia must see

Lord Murugan

#3. The food is seriously amazing

Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, so it’s fair to say that you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the capital city. From the fine French cuisine in Cantaloupe, the restaurant with a view, to the laid back atmosphere a Fuego, the South American tapas place that lets you enjoy your meals in front of a glorious sunset, there’s something for every gourmet. French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Malay, the menus in Kuala Lumpur are varied and filled with yummy flavors – without mentioning the dramatic settings.

malaysia food

Nasi Lemak

#4. The Petronas Twin Towers

Let’s not ignore one of the most architectural landmarks in town, the 88-storey twin toppers, the Petronas Twin towers that stand as the beacon of modern urbanization in town. If you love architecture, KL has a lot to offer. The Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, a relic from the British colonial era, now serves as a place of communication and culture. The cultural palace, Istana Budaya, reminds a little of Sydney’s opera house with its origami structure. There’s enough here to fill your Instagram feed for weeks!

kuala lumpur petronas tower

The beacon of urbanization in KL

#5. Shop yourself crazy

Shopping addicts, be satisfied, the capital of Malaysia has many high-quality shopping malls. Sungei Wang Plaza, established in 1977, is a must-see for knick-knack collectors. 1 Utama is a shopping complex that comes with over 700 stores. If you can’t find what you need there, it’s fair to say it doesn’t exist. From explorers to shoppers, gourmets to culture-lovers, Kuala Lumpur is a place of possibilities and marvels. Give it a chance, and you’ll soon fall in love with its indescribable style.

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