About IndiaHikes trekking company- Do we recommend them?

We did the Kedarkantha winter trek this January with India Hikes and i must admit it was the best decision ever. If you are a professional trekker , then chances are high that you go with your own trekking group and manage your own trek supplies, equipments etc. But if you are a novice trekker , then you would surely want to do it with someone who knows the mountains well. In this post, we talk about why we recommend India Hikes to anyone who is looking out for a himalayan trek .

  • Safety- Well when it is a high altitude trek , Safety comes first. India Hikes is a very reputed trekking company that offers comfortable and safe treks to its clients. Well i know that whilst you are amidst the mountains, you shouldn’t really be looking out for comfort. But these guys make the whole trek experience a very very comfortable one. And they take real good care of all the participants right from the start till the end . There are ample health check ups that happen often in the camp site and the trek leader is always available if you have any health issues. There was a time i felt sick late night and it was on the first day of our stay at the Juda Ka Talab campsite, our trek leader Shravan immediately came to my rescue with his first aid supplies! Also, while we did the summit climb, we were all given micro spikes to help us walk over hard ice / snow. I saw trekkers from other companies at the summit , who were struggling to descend simply because they weren’t given micro spikes. Very thoughtful of India Hikes to look into even the smallest and most minute details.
  • Food- They serve the best vegetarian food ever. Can you imagine hot pipping soup , biriyani, spongy gulab jamuns that will just melt in your mouth ..all of this being served to you during a high altitude trek? Well, these guys do it! Every single day, every single meal was a sumptuous affair! Even though i am  a non vegetarian, i had absolutely no complaints with being a vegetarian during these six days in the mountains cause the food was so good and nutritious ! Also will you believe if i tell you that i turned vegetarian for 5 months soon after the trek? All credits to the IH Team for making me fall in love with our desi vegetarian food . And since it was my birthday, the team managed to bake a cake for me high up in the mountains? Honestly, these guys won my heart!

IndiaHikes trekking company

  • Best People – Right from when you sign in for the trek  till you finish the whole trek, you will come in touch with so many beautiful people who are a part of the India Hikes Team. They are all very professional, well behaved and warm individuals .  Rashmi, our ground co-ordinator , was very helpful and was ready to provide any information we asked for. Shravan, a great trek leader was always encouraging and supporting us  so that we have the best himalayan experience . Once our trek was over and we reached our home, i realised we hadn’t got the t shirts we had ordered, i immediately sent an email and in no time i heard back from Komal, Pooja and Anuja who helped me get my T shirts delivered home on time !
  • Reasonable rates– Undoubtedly, there will be other trek companies doing same  treks at cheaper rates, but i am pretty sure nothing can match upto the quality of service IH Provide. Also, the rates by IH are extremely reasonable and affordable. Dont think twice before booking with these guys. They are totally worth the moolah! And there is a bonus too! Any guesses? They also let you do the same trek once again anytime during your lifetime for no extra charge! How amazing right??? Not sure how many will avail this offer, but given a chance i will surely hop onto a flight and leave to Kedarkantha right away!
  •  Go Green Campaign – an amazing initiative by the IH Team to keep the trails green and clean at all times. These guys surely know CSR .They practice collection and segregation of dry waste on their trails. Also they try to up-cycle or recycle any waste that is produced . At the beginning of the trek, they hand over Eco Bags to you so that you are aware and responsible of the waste you create whilst in the mountains.

So what you waiting for? Head onto INDIAHIKES website now and book yourself a himalayan experience!They are very active on all their social media . You can reach there on their Facebook Page HERE and also contact them via Instagram HERE .

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post!

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