4 top tips for your first time in Amsterdam

Netherlands is hands down one of our favorite countries ! Some of you know that we lived in Eindhoven, Netherlands for 2 years and loved and enjoyed every single minute of our Dutch life except for the unpredictable rainy weather. If you are visiting Europe, do make it a point to add Netherlands to your itinerary. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most popular city-break destinations and is surely worth the hype.  Postcard like scenery everywhere and top notch infrastructure makes a trip to Amsterdam very inviting. In today’s blog post,we would like to share” 4 top tips for your first time in Amsterdam “. These are just few ideas to ensure your first time there is one to remember.

4 top tips for your first time in Amsterdam

Cycle the city 

Unlike most major cities in Europe (or elsewhere), you’ll find cycles comfortably outnumber cars in Amsterdam. And it’s this kind of person-sized scale that makes the place so charming.

Rental bikes are available everywhere, though you’ll need to show your passport and leave a deposit. For peace of mind, insurance against theft is a little extra, while personal cover should be considered (although unlikely, if any treatment were required, hospitals in the Netherlands can charge £4,116 per day  And first-time renters should be aware that the cheaper bikes will come with coaster brakes (engaged by pedaling backwards) which visitors may not be familiar with.

There are 500 kilometers (310 miles) of bicycle track around Amsterdam, so plenty to explore – but there’s also the option of paying for a cycle tour (with the tour guide supplying a rental bike).

4 top tips for your first time in Amsterdam


The must-see museums

Of course, one of the most common reasons to visit Amsterdam is the incredible wealth of historic art that can be found here. Indeed, there’s so much world-class work on display that it might be worth planning which of the museums you can’t miss in advance.

The Rijksmuseum is rightly considered one of the world’s great collections, containing national greats such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Vermeer. There’s also a proud collection of delftware (famed Dutch pottery) and a sculpture garden to wander through.

For a more personal experience, the nearby Van Gogh museum is the best way to explore the life and art of one of the world’s most beloved painters. And even more intimately, the Museum het Rembrandthuis (Rembrandt’s former home) recreates the studio and living conditions of the Great Master.

Finally, to experience one of Amsterdam’s darkest hours and honor one of its most famous citizens, make a pilgrimage to the Anne Frank Huis, where a million visitors a year experience the terror Nazism inflicted on normal people everywhere.

Amsterdam must see

Shopping in the Nine Streets

Amsterdam boasts all the high-end shops you’d expect of a European capital, with the incredible choice that implies – but its most unique retail experience can be found within a grid of nine historic and beloved streets.

The Nine Streets (or Negen Straatjes to the locals) host an array of tiny shops, each of which specializes in countless types of just one item. From all-natural handmade soaps to men’s boots, exotic flowers to enameled signs, it’s a chance to shop in an artisan style so rarely seen today.

shopping in amsterdam


There’s more to the Red Light District than you think

The Red Light District is infamous internationally for its inventive range of adult entertainment – and tourists looking for that won’t be disappointed.

But those visiting for more sedate pursuits should know there’s more than sensation and scandal to this old part of town. It’s also home to relaxing coffee shops and clusters of cafes (which function more as pubs or bars) – while those inclined can take a cruise through the canals here too.

And the plentiful nightlife here and nearby ranges from the traditional Bruin Cafes (cosy drinking dens) to an ever-increasing amount of inner-city clubbing experiences. Indeed, Amsterdam by night has become so important to the city’s success that it recently appointed its first Night Mayor – who looks after the place while their counterpart sleeps.

amsterdam at night


If you have some extra time in Amsterdam , then do check out my blog posts to make that  Perfect Day Trip from Amsterdam .

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We hope you really enjoyed this article . If you have been to Amsterdam , then do not forget to comment below this article with your suggestions and insider tips for Amsterdam. We plan to write our next article on “First Time mistakes to avoid while visiting Amsterdam. ” We hope you will come back to read that as well.

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