3 Days in Prague -Itinerary and Guide

“City of a hundred spires“, “the golden city“, “the Left Bank of the Nineties”, the “mother of cities”, and “the heart of Europe”- These are just a few nicknames given to the beautiful Czech city- Prague- which also happens to be  one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We were super fortunate to have visited Prague twice – once in summer and once in winter and here we are today all set to help you plan your trip to Praha. We bet you will fall in  love with this city which is so rich in culture and history. 

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3 Days in Prague – Complete Itinerary and Guide

In this post, we help you plan for 3 days in Prague for Prague sightseeing, Things to buy, Travel tips for first time visitors to Prague and a lot more..We have tried to pen down all that we did and learnt during our time in Prague and we hope you appreciate our efforts and find this itinerary useful.

Prague Travel Tips

Transport – how to get there?

There are several ways to get to Prague. Since we were in Germany for Christmas, we booked our tickets and traveled to Prague by Flixbus . We boarded the bus from Dusseldorf Central bus station and after the long overnight journey we made it to the Prague (UAN Florence bus station).

Once you get off the station (UAN Florence bus station), walk a few metres and you will find the tourist information center from where you can pick up the free city maps and your travel passes. The free city maps are pretty much basic and if you are looking for a more detailed one, then you will have to shell out a good 5 euros to buy it. We asked the Gentleman at the counter for a detailed english map and paid for it. Just before leaving the office, i happened to open the map and saw that it was not in English and it was in another language. We immediately brought it to the notice of the man at the reception desk and he said there was nothing he could do about it. He straightly refused to exchange the map for an english one. I personally found that to be very rude and unprofessional! Firstly it was his fault to handover the wrong map to us and Secondly, his dont care and unapologetic attitude was something which we just didnt like. Our trip didnt start on a good note as you can see…but moving on, we had a great time and enjoyed what the city had to offer us.

How to travel within Prague?

All about the Prague Card

Since Prague is a charming city, we recommend you explore it by foot! Walk and walk as much as you can and we assure you to be mesmerized and smitten by the beautiful architecture, cobbled streets and lively atmosphere. I must add that The city is very well connected by metro ,trams and buses and you can almost enjoy hassle free travel if you plan your travel well. If you take the Short-term (tourist) passes , you get to travel unlimited  by public transport! You can purchase the pass depending on the length of your stay.

24-hour pass costs 110 CZK (children 6-15 years -55 CZK)
and the 3-day pass  for (72 hours) costs 310 CZK

We highly recommend you buying the pass – You get to travel unlimited, hasslefree and for cheaper price too.

If you want to enjoy free access to over 50 attractions ( including Prague Castle ), then consider buying the Prague Card. The card also gives you free access to public transport and shuttle bus transfer from airport to city center. Click to Purchase Prague Card online

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Currency in Prague – How to exchange money in Prague?

Czech Republic has its own currency and that is Czech koruna (CZK). When you go to the currency exchange center, do not fall into the trap of 0% commission for money exchange. Instead pay attention to the buy and sell rates and make sure you are getting the best possible exchange rate. Another tip is to avoid exchanging currency with unknown persons on the streets or at unknown random places. There is a huge possibility you will be fooled and given Russian Rouble.The whole exchange business is a scam these days so better to be careful than sorry later. And one place we ask you to completely avoid – the exchange place right near the Prague Castle because it is a complete rip off! Definitely a no no!

currency exchange in Prague

Places to visit in Prague/ Prague Sightseeing

So these are the Prague attractions we recommend to all visitors…

Day 1

Sunrise at Charles Bridge

First things first, head to the popular bridge at the break of dawn to treat your eyes to a wonderful sunrise. The iconic bridge built during the 14th and 15th century is an architectural marvel . It would be less crowded in the early hours which means you will also get better pictures without strangers posing in the background. The walk on the bridge is a beautiful long stretch that will surely make you fall in love with the ancient city. Also, you will come across several sculptures with intricate detailing that is worth your time. As the day comes along, you will start seeing the bridge getting crowded with musicians, photographers, artists, vendors selling trinklets, tourists, street performers etc! Definitely worth coming back in the afternoon to see how busy the place looks. The souvenirs sold at the bridge are quite expensive but if you are a sucker for handmade jewellery you are sure to pick up something from there. Vendors sell beautiful handmade metal beaten jewellery that is quite unique. Revisit maybe after a good lunch and climb one of the towers to enjoy the spectacular view from the top!

Charles Bridge - PragueSwan lake

At a stone throw distance from Charles bridge (on the Mala Strana side), you will find a wedge of swans on the Vltava River. Its advisable to go there early morning to avoid others photobombing your frame. We found this place to be magical.

Swan lake Prague - must visit

Walking tour with Sandemans

  • Best decision ever to explore the city of Prague with Sandemans New Europe. The 3 hour Free tour of Prague is a great way to know and learn about the Golden city. We personally learnt a lot during our tour. We were enlightened about the different kinds of architecture prevalent in the city-Gothic and Baroque architecture,we saw buildings made in the Renaissance style with ornated facades, we learnt that about 40 percent of the whole population are atheists etc. We were taken to the most important Prague attractions and at the end of the tour,  we paid a donation to our guide for his time and effort. We suggest you book your slot early for the tour as the places get filled pretty soon .You can book your tickets by clicking on Free Tour of Prague . Had it not been for the walking tour, we would have missed out on seeing the Jewish Synagogue and cemetery.

free tour of Prague


must visit in Prague

Shopping for trinklets/ tapestry

Depending on what you fancy, spend sometime exploring options and buy a small piece of something to remind you of your time in Prague. Off late we have been collecting a lot of things for our home and so we were interested in purchasing Tapestry. We found a lovely shop that sells some amazing curtains,upholstery and wall hangings. If you are interested then check out The Tapestry Shop located at Týn 641/4, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Concert at National Theatre (Czech: Národní divadlo)

The National Theatre  is well known for its flamboyant interiors and decor and it is a great place to visit for a drama, opera or ballet performance. Book your tickets in advance if you are visiting during high season (especially Christmas/New Years)

Day 2

The Powder Tower

one of the original city gates built in the 11th century that separates the Old town from the New Town. During the 17th century the tower was used to store gun powder. Inside the tower there is a spiral staircase with 187 steps leading up to a gallery from where the tourists can get a fantastic view of the old town.

prague tourism

Prague Castle

Towering above the city , the Prague Castle is a must visit. Definitely head early to avoid the long security checks and serpentine queues. While in the castle , you could easily spend up to half a day visiting the nearby attractions too.

Novy Svet 

 A quaint little neighbourhood that is extremely beautiful and charming thanks to its cobblestones pretty houses and tranquil surroundings. We fell in love with this neighbourhood which was less touristy than the rest of Prague.

Novy Svet

Strahov Monastery

Situated near Novy Svet, is the monastery that is well known for its gigantic library. There is an art museum, a basilica and a brewery that serves some fantastic pilsner. You can easily spend upto 3-4 hours here.

St Vitus Cathedral

The majestic Cathedral that is bang opposite the Prague Castle needs no special mention. You will be awed and marveled  by the splendid architecture . What makes it more special is that It is the only Cathedral in the whole city of Prague and most important Christian Church too. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague and is home to the tombs of numerous saints and three Bohemian kings.

St Vitus Cathedral

3 days in prague - St Vitus Cathedral

Golden Lane (Zlatá ulička)

a very small street that is lined with cute colourful houses resembling something out of a fairy tale. Entry to this lane requires a ticket.The Golden Lane is part of the Prague Castle guided tour. But if you can wait until 5 pm, then the entry is for free! Definitely a good option if you are traveling in Summer when you have longer days.

The Old Royal Palace

try to watch the change of guard that happens ever hour. The last one is at 6pm.

royal palace prague

prague castle

Dancing house

The building nicknamed “Fred and Ginger” by the locals is the perfect example of modern architecture in ancient Prague! You must visit the Dancing house building at night and photograph it while it glimmers in different hues. This building is a private office building except for the restaurant on the top floor.You can get to the top of the building and enjoy the panoramic view of the city by either paying 100 CZK or by buying a drink from the Bar located at the 7th floor of the building.

Narrow Street

located at U Luzickeho seminare | Mala StranaPrague 118 00, is a fun place to visit. The street is super narrow that only one person can walk down it at a time and it requires a traffic light system. Not many people know about this and its quite easy to miss. Look for a coffee shop called Bakeshop and you will find it.

narrow street in prague

Day 3  Walk around the Old town

Definitely one of our favourite places in the whole of Prague. Beautiful architecture and  cobblestone streets that is always buzzing with tourists.

Church of our Lady before Tyn 

one of the main attractions in the Old Town, the gothic towers of the church can be seen from most parts of the city. They say it looks beautiful when it snows! It quite resembles the Disney Land.

Prague 3 day itinerary

Church of our Lady before Tyn

St Nicholas Church 

one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Europe. Go inside and you will love what you see..copper statues, intricate detailing and drawing on the ceilings , a grand chandelier and so on. These days there are numerous concerts that take place in the church so you can buy a ticket and enjoy a show in the stunning church!

Market Square 

Great place to wander around in all seasons. This place is very touristy and can be super crowded during peak hours. During the warmer months, the square is lively with performers, vendors and tourists and in winter, you will get to see some of the best Christmas markets in Europe right here at this square. That being said, keep an eye on the  tourist traps especially with the food stalls surrounding the square. The food is super pricey, so a better option would be to try the food in less crowded streets!

Christmas market Prague

Astronomical clock

The beautiful and much talked about Astronomical clock built by a professor from the Charles University is one of Europe’s best-known tourist attractions, and a ‘must-see’ for visitors to Prague. At every hour ,there is a performance that lasts for 35 seconds which showcases moving statues and figurines and it grabs a lot of attention from the locals and tourists.

Astronomical clock Prague

Church of Saint James

This stunning church has the most beautiful organ in the whole country! Do pop in for a sermon if time permits and you are sure to enjoy it. We celebrated our New Year Mass here and it was a magical experience.

Church of St.James Prague

Black light theater / Night cruise

The Black light performance- A perfect blend of  circus, puppetry, and slapstick. It is fun and fascinating and is suitable for all ages. If you are in two minds, then maybe head out for a night cruise where you can dine in luxury and enjoy the night views of the city.


cruise in Prague

Add on options

  • If time permits, you should visit the Grand Café Orient, a place renowned for being built and decorated in the unique cubist style.
  • Petrin Tower- a replica of the famous Eiffel Tower. The Tower is situated on the top of a hill and gives you great views of the Prague city. Recommend you visit it when the tower is lit.

So thats about our Prague 3 day itinerary. If you wish to get away from the city and explore some more, then we have one more option for you!

Best Day trips from Prague

Day trip to Kutná Hora

If you have some more time in Prague and looking at exploring off beat paths in Prague, then make a trip to the The bone chapel at Kutná Hora which attracts  visitors from all over the world. It was located just about one hour oustide of Prague and is a treasure of Bohemian history. In Kutná Hora you will be amazed to see splendid historic buildings, including the ghoulish Sedlec Ossuary, the Gothic masterpiece of St. Barbara’s Church and the splendour of the Italian Court.

Where to eat and drink in Prague

If you are looking for Orginal czech food, then you should visit some of these places. We loved the food so much that we kept stuffing ourselves with Goulash as much as we could during our stay in Prague. We recommend the below places because they are authentic and which the locals recommend.

what to eat in Prague

Prague 3 days

If you are a budget traveler and want to have original Czech meal under 100 CZK then, do visit the following places

Repre restaurant ( Nekázanka 4/857, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia)

Svetozor restaurant situated on Vodickova street

Some more affordable places for food and drinks

Uhrocha for local pilsner

Strahov Monastery

The monastery situated at the top of the hill, serves amazing Czech food and great Pilsner. Definitely worth visiting.

Best souvenirs from Prague/ What to buy in Prague 

Now coming to the most important part of any travel – Shopping! If you are wondering what Czech Souvenirs to pick up or what to shop in Prague, then we have it covered for you.

Czech Crystals

If you didnt know, Czech produced some of the finest  Crystal and glass in the world and this has continued even till today. You can choose from beautiful vases, wine glasses, beaded jewellery and classy chandeliers. Make sure you buy them only from authentic stores. You will find stores selling Crystal on almost every other street, so choose wisely. Dont shop from stores which give too much discount- we all know that we pay for what we get 😉

Head to Manufaktura

a shop selling traditional Czech handmade souvenirs ranging from  traditional wooden toys and tools  to fancy glass christmas ornaments to soaps, oils and cosmetics. The store is pretty big and has several options for buyers. The prices are not too cheap but its original and you can be happy that you  are investing in something that is purely Czech. If you are a fan of handmade shampoos and bar soaps, check out their best seller range of Beer Cosmetics. They are extremely popular with the tourists and have been a huge hit amongst most people!

what to shop in Prague

Picture source –



If you are into cartoon , then pick up a Krteček! The Mole is an animated character in a series of cartoons, created by Czech animator Zdeněk Miler. Very good option for kids in particular

Wenceslas Square

This famous Shopping street in Prague is often called the shoppers paradise.

Tips for first time travelers to Prague

What not to do in Prague/ What not to buy from Prague

  • Do not opt for the Underwalk cellar tours
  • Do not opt for the Taxi. They are ridiculously expensive and so not worth it. If you have to take a taxi, then make sure you ask for the price in advance and request your driver to turn on the meter.
  • Dont buy Amber from Prague because of two reasons. One , that Amber is not orginally Czech but Polish. Secondly, what is sold as Amber in Prague is not real but fake stuff. What is sold in the souvenir shops as Amber is usually plastic/glass.
  • Do not purchase the Russian dolls also known as the Matryoshka doll. They are found in almost every souvenir store and look pretty ! I was tempted to pick up one for myself but luckily my tour guide from our walking tour enlightened us on how these dolls are made in China and is in no way connected to Czech whatsoever. So if you want to still pick up the dolls, we suggest you make a trip to Russia 😉

What to wear to Prague?

Now this is really important! Being appropriately dressed is very important so that you can enjoy your travel to the fullest. A good pair of walking shoes is a must .We know that during travels, you may be tempted to carry along those stilletos for your little black dress. Sounds very glamorous but it may come with a hefty price.So to be on the safer side, stick to a good pair of comfortable walking shoes no matter what the season is because the city of Prague calls for a lot of walking! Check the weather before planning your trip and equip your suitcase accordingly.

Where to stay in Prague?

There are numerous options for tourists and it totally depends on what you want. The city is flooded with properties covering all tastes, budgets and locations. However, if you are planning for a long stay we recommend you book an AirBnb. We really like how you can see at home even when you are a tourist is another city/country. Prague is a popular tourist destination in all seasons so dont think you are going to save some money if you go in the off season! To be quite honest, There is no off season in Prague. The city is crowded in all seasons and yet you will fall in love with it because of the uniqueness the city has to offer. We stayed at Anička AirBnb What we liked the most was the location of the stay. The tram stop was just 1 minute away from the house and about 5 mins away from the Prague Castle and 15 mins from downtown. If you are not quite sure how Airbnb works then check out AirBnb Tips for first timers

Top Places in Prague for those beautiful Instagram shots

Lennon Wall

The popular Lennon Wall which is super artistic and cool. The Graffiti on the wall is a symbol of the pacific war against the communists.

Lennon Wall

Swan lake at Vltava River

Karlův most (Charles Bridge) during sunrise/sunset

Book Tunnel at  Marianske namesti 1/98Prague 00001 

So that was about it! We are winding this post on 3 days in Prague right here. We hope you found this article useful in planning your next trip to Prague. Do let us know if you visit any of these places 🙂


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