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Do not tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled. “- Mohamed

Hello and Welcome  to our tiny space where we share our travel stories and experiences with the rest of the world !

We are Vinitha & Jose – an adventurous Indian couple ,one works in the IT space and the other is a teacher by profession


About the blogger: Vinitha ,a bangalorean by birth got the first taste of travel when she was barely 3 years old and ever since then there has been no looking back.  Her dad ( yet another Jose) is a huge travel freak and for sure passed on his travelling genes to her. Her dad taught her that one can learn so much more by Traveling than by just sitting within the four walls of a classroom! Travelling at such an early age gave her worldy experiences which has also helped her to become what she is today – a dreamer, go getter and a strong independent woman.  To her travel is pure bliss and  she can live out of a suitcase all her life with absolutely no complaints. She has visited 13 countries with her parents before she started to travel with her partner Jose.Together with her parents, she has stayed in Genting Highlands,  Malaysia at the largest hotel in the world (by number of rooms), she enjoyed snowball fights in Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe,  watched the Niagara Falls from the Canadian side,  dined at the largest Christmas buffet in Srilanka , ushered in the New Year at Sydney with dazzling fireworks . During her travel, she enjoys the unique and memorable gastronomic experiences she is exposed to.

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About the photographer:Jose, born in Kerala and bred in Jamshedpur and Chennai before moving to USA for his Masters at Georgia Tech, Atlanta. He has hiked the Great Smoky Mountains ,Snorkelled  in KeyWest and Rafted in North Caroline . He has trekked  and cycled long distances in several parts of South India. He has three half marathons to his credit .Jose is also a photography enthusiast and loves adventure sports.

In 2013, we got married and ever since then its been a wonderful journey. Together we share a common passion for traveling .We call ourselves travel addicts! In the last 4.6 years together, we have done all sorts of crazing things – have got married underwater in Havelock Islands, survived the worlds biggest swing at Queenstown, New Zealand , hiked the Himalayas in winter, got our passports stamped at Liechtenstein, fed a baby tiger on our anniversary and did countless epic road trips in three continents.  We wish to visit as many countries as we can and also hope to inspire our readers to step out and explore this beautiful world which comprises of varied cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. We believe that a true traveler does not only travel but inspires others as well. This blog is all about our travels, food suggestions, hotel / restaurant reviews and travel tips on how to plan your vacations.

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Number of Countries visited so far : As on August 2017, we have done 28 countries and we look forward to doing many more in the years to come From our travels so far, our favourite holiday destination is New Zealand and in India, we would gladly choose Goa for its laid-back lifestyle, yummy food, vibrant culture and fabulous locals.

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